How to stop carolina’s student protests

The University of Delaware students who marched in the streets of Carolina on Monday were a symbol of the university’s struggles for equality and freedom.

But the students were also a source of tension for their fellow students, many of whom were also from the university.

A university spokesperson told Al Jazeera that they “condemn” the actions of students.

The students marched in protest against the university and the university administration’s decision to ban the pro-Palestine student group, the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).

The SJP, which has been affiliated with the US-based Palestinian Students’ Association (PSA), is the main organisation organising the demonstration.

The US government on Tuesday said it would not recognize the SJP and suspend all aid to the Palestinian territories.

It is the latest in a series of attacks on SJP by Israeli officials.

The SVP is a part of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and has been working towards a two-state solution to the conflict with Israel.

But many Palestinians believe the SVP and other Palestinian organisations are only interested in the creation of an Islamic state.

On Sunday, the US embassy in Israel issued a statement saying it is “unaware of any other organisation associated with the Palestinian struggle for statehood” that supports the Palestinian cause.

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