Which universities are going to be affected by the wildfires in California?

The fires have ravaged much of Southern California and caused billions of dollars in damage to homes, schools, businesses and government buildings.

But it’s also caused serious damage to universities and research facilities in many parts of the state, including the University of Nevada, Reno.

A fire broke out at the university’s research center in Reno last week, killing one person and leaving dozens of others injured.

The blaze burned through more than 1,100 acres, destroyed a research facility, and forced the closure of more than 100,000 buildings.

“The fire is an extraordinary challenge,” Reno Fire Chief Chris Noyes said last week.

“There are no easy answers.”

According to Noys, the University has not received a single report of a fire related to the fires.

The university’s medical center is also not experiencing any significant damage.

But the university is still working to assess the situation.

“I do know that our medical facilities have been severely impacted, both physically and mentally,” said Noyers.

“We are working to determine how to best address the ongoing challenges that this fires pose.”

The university is currently hosting its annual conference in Reno.

The conference, held at the Reno Convention Center, will take place from March 25 to May 7. 

The university has a long history of research and development in Nevada, which is also home to several research institutions.

The University of Northern Nevada, also in Reno, has had a long association with the city and is a major research and education center.

Noyes has also said that the fires have destroyed the university “like a house in a hurricane.”

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