How to Make a Bigger Campus—And More to Come—With the First Trillion Dollar Student Loan Debt Crisis

Now Playing: Here’s How Your Bank Account Could See Its Wealth Shaped by the Trillion-Dollar Student Loan Crisis Now Playing, How to Stop the Next Global Warming Disaster Now Playing How to Avoid Losing Your Home and Property in the Next Financial Crisis Now Play: How to Get an Early Retirement for Your Child’s Next Generation Now Playing The Latest: How Many of Us Can Pay Off Our Student Loans?

Now Playing Trump says he’ll let the student loan issue ‘die in the water’ Now Playing A Biggest Mistake That Could Happen to the US Economy: Trump Now Playing Now Playing What if a Biggest Bankruptcy Disaster Happened in the United States?

Now Play The Latest on a New Study on Student Loan Collapse Now Playing This Is What the Next Great Wall of China Looks Like Now Playing US President Donald Trump Says the US ‘Shouldn’t let the Student Loan Booms Die in the Water’ Now Play Here’s the Latest on the Latest Student Loan Deal Now Playing Why Students Need to Take on Student Loans Now Playing Here’s a New Data Point on How Much Student Loans Cost Now Playing Is It OK to Have a Credit Card?

Now Watch: Is a $1.3 Trillion Student Loan Bill a Big Deal?

Now The Wall St Journal is offering a free trial of its financial services app, which helps you find what you’re looking for with the click of a button.

Now Playing What to Do If You Were in Debt to an Unemployed Student Now Playing There’s a Huge Risks for Young People Who Live with Student LoansNow Playing Where Are All the Big Banks With Student Loan Money?

Now Watching How Student Loan Taxes Affect Young People Now Playing ‘The Great Recession’ is Over, and Now Is the Time to Move Forward Now Playing America’s ‘Student Loan Debt’ Crisis Is Now Over But What Will Be the Next Big Crisis?

NowWatch What You Need to Know About Student Loan Repayment NowWatch How to Survive the Next Recession Now Playing Millennials in Debt are Losing Out to Their ParentsNow Playing America Shouldn’t Let Student Loans Die in Water Now Playing Student Loan Loan Repaying Costs Are the Number One Threat to Young People’s Economic Future Now Playing Young People Are Being Hijacked by ‘Social Security Numbers’ Now Watching This Is How Students Can Pay Their Student Loans Off Now Playing Students Should Pay Student Loans off Now Playing Should Young People Take Out a Home Equity Line of Credit Now Playing If You Are In Debt, Learn How to Pay It Off NowWatch Student Loan Credit Cards Help Millennials Pay Off Their Student DebtNow Playing How Millennials Should Pay Their Education LoansNow Watch How You Can Make Credit Card Payments With Your Student Loan NowWatch The Biggest Financial Disaster of All Time Now Playing More Than $1 Trillion in Student Loans That Will Not Pay BackNow Playing A New Study Shows How Millennials Can Pay $2.5 Trillion Off Their College Loans Now

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