Students who voted to support ‘safe spaces’ at Wesleyan University

The students who took to the campus last fall to voice their opposition to an anti-transgender policy at Wesleyanism University on Tuesday were largely disappointed, but they were not alone.

In a tweet Tuesday, an alumni who helped organize the protest said she had been pleasantly surprised by how many people had shown up to support the students, many of whom are gay.

“I had never heard of any of these protests in my life until now,” the student said in the tweet, which has since been deleted.

“But theres so many wonderful things happening, and I’m glad for all of you who have taken the time to come out.

I really do hope we have a better future.”

Wesleyan’s administration released a statement Tuesday, saying that while it did not want to be “judgmental,” the university had to make tough decisions.

“While we do not believe in excluding students on the basis of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, we do recognize the impact this policy will have on many students and faculty, particularly on students who may be at risk for bullying and harassment,” the statement read.

“The university will be working with the community and its allies to support those impacted by the decision.”

A spokesperson for Wesleyan, who did not respond to multiple requests for comment, told Campus Reform that the university is “aware of these students’ concerns.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with them,” the spokesperson said.

Wesleyanism’s decision to allow the students to attend the event did not sit well with one of the students involved.

“It was disappointing to hear that these students would have to leave because they were offended by something so blatantly discriminatory,” student and organizer James Womack told Campus Progress in a phone interview.

“I would love to know why it’s okay for these students to be allowed to speak out about these issues but they cant because it’s against the school’s ‘safe space’ policy.”

“When I was a sophomore, I was not able to attend school because I was queer and transgender.

We were all discriminated against in a way that I still have not fully recovered from,” Womak said.

“This is really important to me to get my voice out, and for the school to realize that these issues are not just about bathrooms, it’s about our safety and well-being.”

“I would also like to know how this university thinks it can make its campus safe by allowing students who are transgender to attend events,” Wompack continued.

“Wesleyans is a private university.

They are supposed to be a place where people of all walks of life can come together to learn, learn, and learn, but that’s just not the case.

The safety of students and staff is paramount.””

We have a university, we have families, we need to have spaces where we can be safe and welcome,” Woomack added.

“It’s not just the bathrooms, its the entire environment.”

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