The best things about the Ford F-Series is its ‘couple of seats’

The best-looking, most expensive car in Australia is the Ford Fiesta ST.

That’s because it’s a coupe with a couple of seats.

The Fiesta ST has just about everything you need for long-distance driving and it’s so light you can put it on a backpack, a small child, or even your arm.

But the most impressive thing about the Fiesta ST is its engine.

There’s a turbocharged, four-cylinder four-barrelled, twin-turbocharged engine that produces 270kW of torque.

Fiesta STs engine is rated at 790bhp.

The Fiesta ST starts at AU$25,995 and it has a starting price of AU$37,900.

It has two seats, and the driver and passenger can also take up to three passengers.

I drove the Fiesta SE with the driver, who was a bit nervous about taking on a lot of people.

This Fiesta SE was fitted with a set of GPS navigation systems and the Ford Focus RS, which is a manual only car.

After two hours of driving, we were very impressed by the Fiesta’s handling.

While it wasn’t a sporty car, the Fiesta was also light.

On the freeway, the driver’s seat was on the right side and the passenger’s seat on the left.

We also enjoyed the Fiesta for what it was: a small car that you can take on a few long-haul trips, and it was comfortable in the back seat.

Ford Fiesta ST Source: Ford Motor Australia/Facebook/Ferrari F-Type Source: Holden via Ford Fiesta via Ford Focus Source: Mark Evans/Getty ImagesThe Fiesta is also an excellent all-rounder, capable of being used in a wide range of ways.

When we tested the Fiesta, it was a fairly quiet car.

Its engine was quiet, and its powertrain and chassis are solid, although it is a bit lighter than the F-series.

You could probably fit the Fiesta in your car park, but it would take up a lot more space.

And, like the Fiesta and F- Type, it’s not an expensive car.

It starts at about AU$21,400 and you can expect to pay about AU $32,000 for the base model.

Even more impressive, it comes with a number of extras, including a navigation system and Bluetooth wireless phone system, and a set in your garage.

However, Ford says the Fiesta will also be able to offer the most competitive pricing on a new car.

The Focus RS will cost AU$28,000 and will be available in 2019.

Here’s how Ford describes the Fiesta: Ford’s F- Series is a sport-touring, all-wheel-drive, rear-drive family sedan that delivers a powerful and comfortable platform.

With a range of options including a sport suspension package, a sports package, and an all-weather package, the F Series will be the best choice for enthusiasts, commuters, and business drivers.

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