Students who wear ‘No’ shirts during finals will be punished

Students wearing “No” shirts during final exams in the US are being warned they will be forced to wear a face mask during finals or face fines.

Key points:Students who wear “No”, “Respect” or “No masks” during finals are being punished by university officialsIn a sign of the increasing pressure faced by universities, the US Department of Education has ordered schools to change the way they handle “No, Respect” and “No mask” students.

The “No No” campaign has seen hundreds of thousands of students wear masks in the face of the threat of being sent to detention centres or expulsion.

It’s the latest of a series of student protests that have been led by the student group, Students for Justice in Palestine, which has been protesting for months in New York, California and elsewhere.

The group has also called for students to be arrested in the United States.

“No masking of students, including No masking at finals,” read a statement issued by Students for the Academic Freedom and Dignity of Students at Samford University, which was founded in 2011.

“The administration should remove any restrictions on student expression and the students should be required to wear face masks for all final exams.”

In a video posted to the group’s Facebook page, a member said “Students who dress as No, Respect, No Mask, No No” during exams would face fines of $500 and be sent to “a detention center for up to one year”.

“It is important that we speak out and show that our voices are heard, and that our concerns are heard,” she said.

“As a part of this campaign, we are going to make it clear to our administration that they need to respect the rights of all students in the university, and no students will be arrested during finals.”

Students have staged several protests over the past few months, and students for justice in Palestine are calling on the university to “stop the oppression of students”.

“The students are calling for an end to the ‘No, Respect’ campaign, which is an assault on student rights,” said Omar Al-Hosseini, one of the organisers.

“We are calling to end this campaign and to instead support students to protect their rights and dignity, and to show that students are not oppressed by the university,” he said.

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