How to avoid ‘pandering’ with college students

PUERTO RICO — With the new academic year approaching, it’s time for students to step up their game to protect their reputations, say professors at a Tulane University college.

They say students should keep in mind the consequences of being “pandering” when it comes to social media.

The new academic calendar and new academic rules are expected to boost campus security, and professors say students can be held responsible for being disrespectful to people they know online.

They’re urging students to avoid “pandering” with college and university students, said Eric Boulton, an associate professor of marketing at Tulane.

“We want to be mindful of the fact that when students are communicating to each other, they’re not necessarily talking to each others’ families, or they’re talking to their friends, and they’re communicating with each other and it’s not necessarily communicating in a way that’s appropriate,” Boulon said.

“So it’s very important that we’re talking with the appropriate people when it’s appropriate, and I think we’ve done a good job of it, and we’re really excited to see where we can go.”

Boulton says he’s heard some concerns that some of the messages were offensive, but he’s confident in the safety of the students.

“The message of the message was we need to be respectful of each other,” Boulson said, adding that the messages weren’t in the context of racism or bigotry.

“It was a message of solidarity, and if they didn’t agree with that, that’s fine, they can talk to us about that,” he said.

Tulane University says it’s a “learning community” that values diversity, and students can report any inappropriate messages or behavior on the university’s Facebook page.

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