ESPN’s Greg Bedard: Can the Seahawks and Texans make a run at the AFC South title?

Greg Bedards thoughts on the latest news in the NFL:  ESPN’s Greg Bedard says the Seahawks are still a team that can compete in the AFC South and the Seahawks still have plenty of time to make the playoffs.

But, he says, they’re definitely in a position to contend with the Texans, who currently sit at 5-2. 

On Sunday, the Seahawks have won three straight, but their opponents are the Texans. 

The Seahawks are 3-2 in their last five meetings, and have only dropped two straight. 

Saints beat Colts, Raiders beat Cowboys, Falcons beat Steelers. 

In Week 3, the Falcons beat the Steelers and Seahawks, but they’re on a four-game winning streak. 

Bears beat Vikings, Packers beat Bears, Bears beat Vikings. 

Auburn beat Cardinals, Panthers beat Cardinals. 

Tennessee beat Steelers, Ravens beat Steelers and Ravens. 

Georgia Southern beat Auburn, Missouri State beat LSU. 

Missouri State beat Mississippi State, Georgia Southern beat Mississippi. 

Texas Tech beat TCU, Missouri Tech beat Missouri. 

Michigan State beat Michigan, Michigan State beat Missouri, Missouri beat Michigan. 

Washington beat Iowa, Notre Dame beat Iowa State, Iowa beat Michigan State. 

Kentucky beat Virginia, Louisville beat Virginia Tech, Kentucky beat Kentucky. 

Penn State beat Penn, Penn State beat Iowa. 

USC beat Florida State, Arizona State beat Arizona, USC beat Arizona. 

Florida State beat Virginia and USC, Notre Davis beat Arizona State, Notre. 

Stanford beat Arizona and Oregon, USC beats Stanford, Stanford beat Arizona (7-2). 

Michigan beat Wisconsin, Ohio State beat Stanford, Ohio beat Michigan (7:00 PM ET, ESPN). 

Washington State beat Oregon and Stanford, Oregon beat Washington, Oregon beats Washington (8:00 ET, FOX). 

Penn and Ohio State meet at USC. 

Alabama and Clemson meet at Washington State, Clemson meets at Alabama, Washington and Alabama meet at Ohio State (7 p.m.


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