Elon University students take on Donald Trump in mock ‘shutdown’

The students at Elon University in California have taken a turn for the dramatic as they marched to a city hall to demand that Donald Trump be removed from office.

They chanted “You lie!” and “We are not going to let you down!” in a mock “shutdown” to the Republican presidential nominee, as the crowd cheered loudly.

The event came amid Trump’s election as the US president’s party nominated former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore to fill the seat left vacant by Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, who died last week.

Trump is a Democrat who has consistently opposed the court’s conservative and socially conservative views.

“He has made us look weak,” one woman told the students, according to NBC Los Angeles.

“We have had enough.

He is a bully and a liar.

He needs to go,” the woman, who asked to be identified as Julie, told NBC News.

Another student said that she wanted to see a Trump supporter in the audience.

“I hope he’s wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat,” she said.

“Because I think if he is, it means the world to me,” she added.

In a tweet posted on Monday, Trump congratulated Moore and said he would be voting for him in the November election.

The Republican presidential candidate is the first sitting president to receive such a nomination.

“Congratulations to Judge Roy Moore on becoming the next United States Senator from Alabama,” Trump wrote.

“Democrats in Washington are so weak that they cannot even defend Judge Moore!”

Trump also congratulated the University of California, Berkeley students for protesting Trump.

“These students at @elonuniversity have done an incredible job protesting and holding him accountable,” Trump said.

He has called for an investigation into the university after students said they were told to leave their event because of the “incendiary” tone of Trump’s remarks.

In his inaugural address, Trump said that “the political class has been corrupted by special interests and by the destructive influence of money”.

“We may not always agree with every word, but we must listen,” he said.

On Monday, the students said that they wanted to send a message to Trump and his administration that they are not willing to be silenced.

“It is a message that has never been received before,” one student said.

In addition to Moore, the protesters at Elon called for the impeachment of former Democratic president Barack Obama, as well as Democratic lawmakers in Washington, Oregon and New York.

In the meantime, the University has decided not to move forward with its plans to host a rally on Wednesday, which was originally planned for Friday.

“Due to safety concerns, we cannot move forward this evening with a planned rally,” the university said in a statement.

The protests were sparked after a student was arrested during a protest at the university over a student who was charged with felony assault on a law enforcement officer in the wake of the death of the Rev Al Sharpton.

The woman who was arrested, Ashley Walker, is currently awaiting trial on charges of felony assault.

On Tuesday, protesters gathered outside of the university building to call for Trump’s impeachment.

The rally was held in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, which has been at the forefront of protests against police brutality in the US.

The protest was later called off after the protesters called for more peaceful demonstrations.

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