When the University of South Carolina loses the bid to host a $30 million ‘cultural event center’

SOUTH CAROLINA, S.C. (AP) — When the South Carolina university loses the bids to host an $30 billion cultural event center, South Carolina’s top university leaders are likely to seek a different venue.

In fact, some university leaders have already made clear that they’re prepared to consider moving campus.

As the nation’s largest public university, South Carolinas flagship campus is expected to be the site of the largest event on campus this fall.

President Robert C. Byrd III has said he will consider moving the university’s annual Thanksgiving Day event to an outdoor facility at South Carolina State University.

That event, called the “Halloween Festival,” is the largest such event at the university and is billed as the nation�s largest annual celebration of Halloween.

The university, however, said it�s already considered relocating the event, which will take place this fall and feature entertainment and crafts, to a more accessible location at nearby Columbia University.

The announcement comes a day after Gov.

Nikki Haley declared that South Carolina�s bid to receive the $30-billion federal contract had been denied.

Haley said her administration would �continue to work closely with the state and private sector partners on the best location to host the event.’

The state also announced plans to build a new campus to house the event.

South Carolina State President William B. Smith Jr. said Monday the university is considering relocating campus for the 2019 Halloween Festival.

Smith said the university�s board of trustees and the state�s Department of Economic Development and Community Development �will continue to explore all options available to support the university to ensure the best possible site for our Halloween Festival event.�”This will be a critical and long-term effort to move our Halloween celebration to the state-of-the-art facility in Columbia,” Smith said in a statement.

While a relocation effort is underway, the university will be looking for a site that �can support our Halloween festival, which is one of the nationís largest and most important cultural events,” Smith added.

There are currently no official plans to relocate the Halloween Festival, but Smith said the decision was being made.

South Carolina�t announced a date for the Halloween celebration.

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