How ‘Super Bowl’ TV ratings helped ‘Catch Me If You Can’ become ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ in China

By BILL MOORE / Associated PressIn a bid to boost its popularity among Chinese and Asian fans, the NFL is airing a live game in China this week.

The Los Angeles Rams will play the Oakland Raiders in a matchup that was originally scheduled for Saturday, but has now been postponed to Thursday.

The game is part of a “Super Bowl Live” campaign that has attracted more than 200 million viewers worldwide.

The network, which also airs a game in the U.K., is expected to roll out a similar program in China.

The game will air on the Chinese-language Sportsnet World.

The NFL is also airing the first live NFL game in Taiwan this week, on the same network.

The first NFL game aired on the country’s Super Bowl Network last year, which drew more than 1.6 million viewers.

The Taiwanese league has struggled to find a replacement for the NFL in the past, with its viewership being paltry compared to the U-S.

The league has been plagued by the loss of several marquee players, including running back LeSean McCoy, who has struggled in recent seasons.

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