University students march to protest racism

Students at the University of Northern Arizona (UNAZ) have staged a protest to protest the university’s decision to ban white people from campus.

A Facebook page for the event, which began on Sunday, says the purpose of the rally is to show the university that it has “failed to create a safe environment for all members of the community”.

The university said it was aware of the event and was “looking into” the issue.

“While we cannot be held accountable for the actions of our students, we can address this issue and work to create an environment that is inclusive and welcoming for all students,” the university said in a statement on Monday.

The event was organized by UNAZ Students for a Better Future, a student group that aims to ensure equal opportunity and respect for all.

The Facebook page, which has attracted more than 1,000 people, is in support of students at UNAZ.

It has also encouraged other UNAZ students to take part.

“I think the issue of racism is so big that there is an issue of people coming to a university and having to sit down in front of their own class and sit and listen to what is being said about them,” UNAZ Student Dwayne Nelson said.

“I can’t imagine how that is acceptable.

We are at a time when we need to change this system so that we don’t have to feel like we have to go to a different university.”

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