What happens when you go back to school?

Harvard University has launched a program to help students learn in India after a student from the country was denied admission to a year’s degree.

The program, dubbed ‘Resilience’ and launched by Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, will offer a one-year course in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia for the first time in the country.

“We’re working with Indian institutions to help them integrate and build relationships with the United States, UK and Canada in order to accelerate our commitment to the world-class research and education they offer,” said Dr Amit Kumar, the head of the program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, in a statement.

Students will receive a US$20,000 grant and travel expenses, and will be offered mentoring, mentoring and networking opportunities.

This marks the first such collaboration between Harvard and India, which was set up in 2007 by former US president Barack Obama.

Resilient, the programme’s first project, is aimed at helping students to develop and apply for a US degree.

The students are expected to graduate in 2018, and then complete their research in the UK, where they will take a US-based postgraduate degree in political science.

It will be followed by a two-year, one-way programme to India, the statement said.

The university said the programme will be an opportunity to build bridges between the two countries, and is also open to international students.

India, a country of 1.3 billion people, has a population of about 40 million, and the country has the world’s highest proportion of people aged 25 to 34.

India has been under pressure in recent years to take in more people as it tries to balance its burgeoning population with the shrinking of the world population.

According to the UN’s Population Division, about half of India’s population is under 30 years of age, and a quarter of its adults are below the age of 65.

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