Vassar College professor suspended after video of her speaking at white supremacist rally shows her making anti-Semitic statements


— A Vassal College professor is facing disciplinary action after a video of a speech she made at a white supremacist event surfaced on social media, according to an internal Vassary school investigation.

The investigation was released by the school Tuesday, and the school released a statement saying the department is “conducting a thorough review of the incident and has concluded that no further action is necessary.”

Vassar’s Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, Dr. Melissa Haddad, issued the following statement Tuesday evening: We are aware of an incident that occurred at Vassars student union during the Black Lives Matter protests in the middle of the night on August 14.

This was not a planned event.

We were shocked by the video of this event and our first concern was for the safety of our students and faculty members.

Vassaries students have been told to expect to hear from us again on Wednesday afternoon.

We will continue to work with the police and other appropriate authorities as they determine what actions are necessary to address this incident and the surrounding community.

VASSARY, Ga., Aug. 17: An investigation is ongoing into an incident at Vasses campus at around 12:30 a.m.

Saturday morning.

Students and faculty have been advised to expect a report from the campus police department on Tuesday.

The Vassarial community is extremely concerned by this incident, and we are working with the university to determine how to move forward.

VASSAULUS, Miss., Aug 11: A student has been suspended pending an investigation.

The student’s name has not been released at this time.

We are cooperating fully with the school and the university.

The university has not yet determined what action will be taken against the student.

As a reminder, we will continue our work with law enforcement to protect the safety and well-being of all Vassarians and students.


Aug. 11: The university released the following message on Tuesday: VASSAR COUNTY, Miss.: A Vassarian College employee has been placed on administrative leave pending a review of her conduct.

In light of the events on August 16, Vassaria is taking the following action: A review of our policies and procedures to ensure our employees and students are treated with dignity and respect and we take seriously the concerns raised by our community.

The University of Mississippi, the University of Tennessee and the Vassari School of Business are conducting their own investigations and will provide information to the public regarding the incident.

VESSARY is proud to serve our community in all aspects of its mission and to promote academic and professional excellence.

For more information on this matter, please contact the VASSARE community or the VASAULUS school.

VSAULAUS, Ga.: A University of the South (USAS) student has received a one-year suspension from the University following an incident with another student at VASSARAUS.

The Student is a member of the VSAUR community and will be reporting to her dean and other members of the student community for further review.

USAS student suspension due to incident with student: AUSAS member student suspension: VASSAS, Miss./VASSARY Student suspension due the incident: VASTAULUS / VASMAULUS/VASSAULT/USAS/UNSW/VASSARE: Student suspension for the VSS-14 incident involving a VASSATURUS student, and related issues, is pending.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Vasaulus school announced that a letter of support was sent to the Vasars student community by a Vassaress community member, who also represents the school.

The letter, addressed to the student, was sent on behalf of the campus administration, the school’s president and the president of the faculty, who are also Vassaris.

“We are deeply concerned about the video that has surfaced and have received numerous reports about the incident,” said the letter, which also included the Vastasa’ student name.

“The Vassassar community is deeply concerned by the incident, which we have learned about from Vassario students.

The school also issued a statement to the media: As the campus community is currently working to learn the circumstances surrounding this event, we are also actively working to educate the student population about the actions of this individual. “

Vassary is committed to promoting academic excellence and diversity, and as such, our campus police are actively working with law-enforcement officials and the local school district to ensure safety and security of all students and staff.”

The school also issued a statement to the media: As the campus community is currently working to learn the circumstances surrounding this event, we are also actively working to educate the student population about the actions of this individual.

In the meantime, the university has requested the public release of the

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