When a university shuts down for political reasons, what happens next?

By Andrew Harnik and Steve LitchfieldAssociated PressThe end of the college football season is here and the final game of the year is set for Thursday night at the Big Ten/Big 12 championship game.

The game will be played on a neutral field at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

It’s a game that’s been played in Indianapolis since its inception in 1933, when the Indiana State Fairgrounds hosted the first football game.

Now the venue is the only venue in the state for college football.

The Indianapolis Colts and the Indiana University Fighting Irish are the only two teams in the Big 12 to not play on a regular-season field in Indianapolis.

But it’s not all bad news for football fans in the city of Indianapolis.

The Indiana State fairgrounds has hosted the last two Big Ten championship games, both of which were played on neutral fields.

(AP)While it’s always a challenge to make sure that a game is played on an even playing field, the Big 10/Big Twelve conference has made it a priority to find a neutral venue.

This year, the conference has partnered with the University of Iowa to play the Big East championship game on a field in Ames, Iowa.

It also partnered with Penn State to host the Big 8 championship game at Lambeau Field.

It’s been a busy year in the Midwest, with two major bowl games played on Sunday and Monday.

A few months ago, the ACC and Big 12 announced that they would be expanding the conference championship game to three nights in 2020.

The Big East and Big Ten announced the same thing a couple weeks ago, but there was no agreement between the conferences to hold the game at Lucas oil Stadium.

The NFL has played in Lucas oil since 1937, but has only hosted one championship game since the 1950s.

It hosted the Super Bowl 50 championship game in Indianapolis in 1979, the last time the Big Red was home to the Superdome.

This is a great opportunity for the Big Blue to continue playing football in the capital of the United States.

The Big 12/Big Ten conference has held the championship game of a regular season game at a neutral location on two occasions.

The first game was played in Atlanta in 1979.

The second game was held at Lucas, the only neutral location for the game.

Both games have been moved to Indianapolis to help bring the game to the Biggest City in America.

In 2014, the league hosted the football game at the new Lucas Oil Field.

In 2015, the game was moved to a smaller venue in Lincoln, Nebraska.

It will be held on a Sunday in 2021.

It was moved back to Indianapolis in 2021 to help accommodate the Superbowl 50 halftime show.

The league also partnered up with the NCAA Division I men’s basketball conference to play football games at Lucas.

The league hosted its first game there in 2012.

The NCAA Division III men’s soccer team will host its first college basketball game at IUPUI Stadium on Jan. 12.

The ACC men’s volleyball team will play a men’s NCAA Division II game on March 7.

The Pac-12 men’s baseball team will face a Pac-10 team on May 17.

The NCAA football game will have a field at the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York.

That’s the first field for a Big Ten football game outside of Indianapolis since 1936.

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