‘Boom!’ UK-India university wins $50M contract to supply internet to 10 million students

London – The world’s leading Indian university, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), on Friday won a $50 million contract to build and maintain an online portal for Indian students.

The JNU-run Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Bombay University of Management Sciences (BMS) will be able to provide access to the Indian education system by connecting students and their parents in a new portal that has been designed by the Indian government.

It was part of a bid to ensure a seamless connection between Indian students and the global education system.

“This is the biggest prize in the university’s history.

Our students have been our greatest asset,” said Dr Sudhir Singh, vice president of JNUSU.

“This is our way of helping them.

We will do our best to keep this portal up and running and will continue to work towards the best connectivity in the world for students and our world.”

The portal will have a user base of 10 million, with a goal of providing 1 billion people access to education in the next two years.

“The portal is a global education platform and we have a global vision of education,” said Nitesh Bhattacharya, vice-chancellor of the IIT.

“We want to be the first Indian university to offer this platform to students of all backgrounds and cultures.”

The university’s existing portal, which is also being used by the International Institute of Education in Beijing, has a userbase of 2 million.

JNUC has also launched its own portal called Indian Institute for Digital Education (IIDEA).

The government has been providing scholarships for students of other universities and colleges to help them study abroad.

The IIT has also built a campus in Mumbai with a total campus of 1.7 million square metres, to house the portal.

The portal has a 1,000 students on it.JNUC students have also been given access to social networking sites and the university is also in talks to open its own news portal.

“They will be using this portal to find answers to their questions and share with the world the latest news, facts and trends,” Bhattacarya said.

“It will help them stay in touch with their friends, colleagues and students.

We have also worked with social networking site Whatsapp and Facebook to ensure that they will be getting the latest updates.”

Students and parents of students can also register on the portal to receive updates on their students’ progress.

The portal is being designed in partnership with the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

The portal was launched last year.

“I have never seen anything like this in my entire career.

The JNUs website is a world class portal.

We are confident that it will be a success for students,” said Vimal Kumar, vice chancellor of the Indian Institute at Yale University, who will oversee the portal project.

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