Barry University to close over budget

Barry University is set to close its doors amid concerns over its financial position.

The school, which opened in 2012, has a total enrolment of 2,844 students.

It is understood the university is planning to close in the coming weeks after a review into its finances.

However, a spokesperson for Barry University told The Irish Sun that it was “currently in discussion” with the University of Western Michigan about whether to close.

The university said in a statement: “We are currently in discussion with the UWM Board of Trustees regarding the future of Barry University.

Barry University’s current financial situation is not sustainable.”

The university has also been hit by a series of closures and downsizing in recent years, including its $15m reduction in funding from the State.

It has also received significant media attention in recent months after being embroiled in a dispute with the US Government over a number of issues, including the controversial US ban on transgender people entering the US military.

The Barry University spokesperson said that the university was working with UWM to decide its future.

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