University of Lehigh University students protest in solidarity with Muslim students

A group of Lehmans student leaders and Muslim students gathered outside the university on Wednesday night to express solidarity with the Muslim students at the university.

Lehmans Students United president and vice president, Mohammed Ahmed, said he was concerned about the impact of the university’s “racism, discrimination and homophobia” on the Muslim community.

“We have to say, we’re here for the students and we are here for all students, not just for Muslims,” he said.

He said there was a lack of understanding among the students of what racism and discrimination are and how to combat them.

Students are also upset that they have been forced to cancel classes and have to be on the waitlist for classes in order to attend classes.

They are also angry that Lehigh has not done enough to address their concerns, including the university allowing the university to discriminate against Muslims and not requiring all students to wear the hijab.

“There are no words to describe how we feel about this,” he told the Lehigh Valley Times.

“We are the ones who have to bear the burden of this oppression and we cannot let them down.”

Students held a rally at the campus on Wednesday to highlight the racism and homophobia they faced at Lehigh.

A student, Abdulrahman Moshiri, said there were issues with the administration of Leassa, but the university should be looking at the bigger picture.

“The university needs to look at how its policies are impacting the lives of Muslim students, and the students have to understand that,” he added.

The group of students said they felt pressured to attend the rally, and they had to go through a formality.

“It’s a bit sad, but it’s also the right thing to do,” Mr Moshiris said.

The Lehigh students are not alone.

The University of Sydney is holding a candlelight vigil on Wednesday afternoon, with other universities including the University of Melbourne and the University in Western Australia holding similar events.

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