‘This is the last gasp of a dying species’: University of Colorado professor calls for mass migration

A professor at Colorado State University says that the climate change is making it more difficult for humans to adapt to climate change and that humans are doomed to die out because of it.

Professor Mike Tidwell said that it is increasingly difficult for people to adapt because they cannot adapt to the harsh conditions of extreme weather.

“What we’re seeing is an accelerating death spiral of human beings and the planet,” Tidwell told the Colorado Springs Gazette.

“We have a crisis of survival for us humans because we cannot adapt.”

Tidwell, a climate scientist, said that as more and more people die, there will be fewer and fewer humans left.

“The climate is changing at an exponential rate.

The last thing we need is to get stuck in a situation where the planet is cooling and we don’t have enough food to sustain us humans.”

Tillman said that he hopes people will take drastic action to avoid climate change, as well as taking precautions to protect themselves from the heat.

“I think that we have to have a massive shift in our thinking,” Tillman said.

“There are some things that are going to have to be done that we’re not going to be able to do because the planet itself is in peril.”

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