MICHIANS are finding themselves in a strange position after the university president announced plans to hire a new law enforcement officer.

“We’re going to hire new officers, so we need a new police chief,” Chancellor Jay P. Smith said Tuesday during a conference call with reporters.

“And so we’re asking for a new chief,” Smith said.

“So we have a police chief from Michigan State University.

And we’re going back to Michigan State, we’re moving to a police department.

And so we really have to figure out a way to address this situation.”

Smith said that the department has “no specific plans at this time to hire any more Michigan State police officers.”

He added that he wants the Michigan State Police to be “in every aspect of the policing of Michigan State.”

Smith’s announcement comes just days after a similar announcement by the university’s president that the police department would be taking over the investigation of the fatal shooting of a student.

The announcement comes after the Associated Press reported that the Michigan Department of Community Affairs would be responsible for investigating the killing.

The university said the decision to take over the case was made due to the “critical importance of protecting our students and the community at large.”

The new chief will be chosen at a special meeting of the Michigan Association of State Police officers on Nov. 19.

The next meeting of officers will take place on Dec. 5.

The new officers will be assigned to the Student Police Department, a department that was created in 2010 by the Michigan Legislature to “enhance the safety and security of Michigan’s students and community.”

The move to hire the new chief comes as the university has seen a spike in violence.

The latest crime statistics from the Michigan Bureau of Criminal Identification and Review show the number of students killed by police officers has increased by 33% since 2016, to 1,818.

In the first nine months of 2018, the number killed by officers increased by 21%.

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