University offers a free ‘mindful learning’ course

KENNESAW, WA — Students from the University of Western Australia will be learning mindfulness through a course.

The University of Kennesaw is offering the course entitled Mindful Learning.

The course is offered in collaboration with the Australian Buddhist Association and has been funded by the Commonwealth Government through the Mindfulness and Empowerment (MEO) Program.

Kennesaw State University has partnered with the Buddhist Association to offer the course.

“Mindful learning is one of the most effective ways to practice mindfulness, and we believe it can be a powerful tool to enhance our lives and our communities,” said University of Queensland President and CEO Professor Stephen C. Ritchie.

“We want to help people understand how mindfulness and mindfulness practice can be effective for themselves and for others.”

The course aims to introduce students to the practice of mindfulness.

It will focus on two aspects of the practice: mindful breathing and mindful thought.

“It’s really important to know how to practise mindfulness so you can be aware of how to improve your life,” said Professor Ritchie, who is also a member of the National Academy of Mindfulness.

“When you do mindfulness practice, you’re going to be using the same principles of mindfulness that are being practised in our everyday lives.”

You’ll be learning to use the principles of mindful breathing to calm yourself down, and mindfulness thoughts to reflect on how you’re feeling.

“Students will be trained in meditation techniques and mindfulness techniques, and be encouraged to engage in mindfulness activities and activities for self-improvement.”

The mindfulness techniques that we’re going into will be grounded in a lot of science,” Professor Roddie said.”

What we’re looking for in the course is not to just say, ‘let’s go down the path and see how it goes, it’ll be a good practice.’

“What’s important is that you’re not just going to take a technique and say, “OK, now you know how it works’.

“Professor Roddy said students would be encouraged, as they did during previous mindfulness-based therapies, to incorporate mindfulness into their everyday life, rather than just to practice.”

A lot of the mindfulness techniques are designed for people to do on their own,” he said.

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