A woman with autism gets a second chance at life

Full Sail University in Monmouth, New Jersey, has granted a woman with Autism Spectrum Disorder the chance to become a full-time student.

The university has accepted applications for an Assistant Professor of Humanities, Humanities and Social Sciences.

The first female Associate Professor of Women’s Studies at the university was elected in 2013.

In December, the school will welcome a third woman to the faculty.

University President and CEO Dr. Michelle R. Tappin said, “I am proud to be an American who is so willing to support a woman who has the gift of a passion for teaching and research, who is passionate about the world and the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated field.”

She has received the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship from the U.S. State Department.

“The U.N. Women’s Prize is an example of what happens when a person is willing to be a leader and advocate for the rights of all women, regardless of gender,” Tappun said.

The new Associate Professor has received support from the faculty, alumni and community.

“We are honored to have a woman to teach a class on the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality,” said Tessa S. Krumm, a fourth-year graduate student in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department.

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