Why did I get fired from Pepperdine University

Posted March 06, 2019 09:59:25 Pepperdines Vice Chancellor for Business and Industry, Michael B. Stokes, has resigned after a public apology from the university for the way he handled a sexual assault allegation last year.

The Pepperdining News released a statement from Stokes in which he said he has taken a “personal leave of absence”.

Stokes is no longer the Vice Chancellor of Business and Education, but his resignation is effective from today.

“I deeply regret my actions and take full responsibility for them,” he said.

A number of university staff have also been made aware of the resignation.

Pepperdines chief operating officer, Tim Jolliffe, said in a statement that the university “has made a serious mistake” and that the allegations of inappropriate conduct against Pepperdiners Director of Athletics, John Taggart, were investigated and concluded that there was insufficient evidence for any further action.

Mr Taggard has apologised for the “deeply regrettable and upsetting” events that occurred at Pepperdins athletics facility.

As part of the investigation, Mr Taggarts staff were questioned by Pepperdiner’s Chief Medical Officer.

He said in his statement: “In this situation I made a decision to not report the matter to the university.

I accept full responsibility and am relieved that the investigation is over and no further action is needed.

This is an opportunity for Pepperdini to make amends for the past.

If it had been a different incident, I would have done so much more to ensure Pepperdino is a safe environment for everyone involved, including myself.”

Peeldines Chief Medical officer Dr James Glynn said the university had made “a very serious mistake”.

“We are all deeply disappointed that this has occurred, but I know the university has taken this very seriously, and we are committed to supporting Pepperdinos staff and students in the wake of this incident,” he told the Pepperdinemania website.

In a statement on its website, Pepperdinas athletics department said: “As a matter of professional conduct, we have fully investigated this matter and found it to be entirely unacceptable.

While we can’t comment further on the outcome of this investigation, we would like to offer our sincere apologies to the PepperDine community for the actions of the University of Pittsburg and for the hurt and distress it has caused.”

Peppermills Vice President for External Relations, Steve Tindall, said that Pepperdin’s President and Chief Executive Officer had accepted responsibility and apologized.

“(Stokes) has acknowledged the error in judgment and has been relieved of his duties,” he wrote in a blog post.

Stoke’s resignation follows a complaint that he made to a Pepperdinese student in April last year about a sexual misconduct incident involving Mr Taggers, who is now Pepperdinus director of athletics.

At the time, PepperDines then-President Dr Richard Clements said that Mr Toggers was a man of “high character” who was a valued member of the community.

But in his apology to the student, Stokes said that he was unaware of the alleged incident.

His statement said:”I do not recall or have any recollection of the event.

It was entirely a miscommunication between me and the Pepper Dines team, and I deeply regret any offence it caused.”

In a press release, Pepperdinns vice president of athletics, Mike Clements, said: “In light of these developments, Pepper Diners Board of Governors has voted unanimously to remove Pepperdín from the University’s Academic Affairs Program.

They have also ordered a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident.”

In an interview with the Associated Press in May last year, Mr Jolliffs said that the situation was not isolated.

According to Mr Jolls, the university was already facing mounting pressure to overhaul its academic policies.

Earlier this year, Pepper dines was ordered to repay $6.5 million in tuition fees to students who attended private universities in the Commonwealth.

There are a number of allegations of sexual assault and harassment involving faculty members at Pepper dinos universities.

Last year, former Pepperdinal student Emma Stahl wrote an open letter to Pepperdina about sexual assault allegations made against Dr Taggars former assistant football coach, Matt Purdy, who resigned after an internal investigation into allegations of rape.

On Friday, Mr Clements and the University Council of Australia (“

[I] thought it was important that I speak out now, to ensure this never happens again.”

On Friday, Mr Clements and the University Council of Australia (

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