Which university is getting the biggest investment from Facebook?

The largest university in the United States has the largest percentage of its faculty that is male, according to a new analysis of data from the U.S. Department of Education’s website.

The study of more than 8,400 universities from 2010 to 2014, based on student enrollment, reported that the University of Chicago was ranked first.

The top five universities in terms of enrollment were: The University of Pennsylvania, with 1.65 percent, followed by The University, with 0.74 percent.

The University at Albany, with 2.29 percent, came in last place.

The study analyzed the percentage of faculty that was female by the percentage who were male.

The report found that, at least in terms the percentage male, the University at Chicago was the most diverse school in the country.

The highest proportion of faculty were female students was at The University’s medical school, with 15.1 percent of the faculty being female students.

At the University’s dentistry school, the proportion of male students was lower than that at The university’s other health programs.

The percentage of female students at The City College of New York was 16.4 percent.

The report, titled “The Gender Gap in Higher Education,” says that The University was ranked third in the nation, behind only Harvard University and Stanford University.

The College of William and Mary, the most selective private university in Virginia, was third.

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