How the world’s largest video game studios got their name from a giant pile of money

TechCrunch is reporting that in order to create the “pennies in the sky” meme, Universal Studios and Universal Studios World used $1 billion in funding.

The story goes that the money came from an acquisition that saw the company buy the Universal Pictures division for $2 billion. 

The $1.9 billion purchase includes Universal Studios, the studio that created Star Wars: The Force Awakens and other popular franchises, and the film studios of Pixar and Disney.

In order to fund their creation, the Universal Studios owners gave Universal Studios a $1,000 loan from the U.S. Department of Education to help finance their new business.

That loan, which is still owed, was later paid off.

As part of the deal, Universal was allowed to use the name Universal Studios for its film and television properties, but the deal also made it clear that it could use the Universal name to promote its products.

The company also took out an equity loan to help fund the acquisition, and now it’s using the same money to finance the acquisition of the video game studio.

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