When Penn State’s Bradley University turns the corner on campus

Bradley University, a private liberal arts college in Philadelphia, has just completed its first major renovation of its main campus since the 1990s.

In the coming months, it plans to convert its auditorium and auditorium-type auditoriums to lecture rooms, including the famed Bradley Auditorium.

“The Bradley Auditoria has been the most iconic space on campus for more than two decades, and it is our hope that this historic space will be transformed into an inspiring, exciting space for students and faculty alike,” said Dr. Steven G. Pachac, the school’s vice president for academic affairs.

The renovation began in January 2017 and was completed in the spring of 2019.

“As the building ages, we feel it is essential to renew and modernize it,” said Pachic.

The Bradley Auditorie is located on the west side of campus and overlooks the College of Education.

It opened in 1994, and in the past decade has undergone more than 100 major renovations, including a complete renovation in 2016 and a new flooring in 2019.

The project also included the construction of a new dining facility for Bradley students and staff.

A portion of the building will be used for a new Bradley student lounge, a community center and offices.

The new auditorium, which will open in 2020, will feature a brand new, modern glass and steel floor.

The auditorium’s original brick walls will be replaced with stainless steel, and the building is being converted into a multi-use building, where students can meet with faculty and students, use the library, and other facilities.

The building will also feature an auditorium atrium, with a new, expanded meeting room and conference area.

The facility will have four lecture rooms and two lecture hall spaces.

It will be equipped with a video screen and speakers.

Puchac added that the new space is expected to have an outdoor patio.

“Bradley’s new auditoria is an important part of the university’s continued efforts to bring the Bradley University community to life,” he said.

“Our goal is to make this space a great place to meet, have fun and make new friends.”

Bradley has been ranked among the top 25 colleges in the country in academic achievement, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Bradley’s campus also has a reputation for having a “family-friendly” environment.

The university has partnered with the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) to bring students from around the country to work at the Bradley auditorium.

Students at the university have been invited to a class called “The Art of Conversation” with Dr. Jeffrey P. Shanks, an expert on the art of persuasion, at the new facility.

“It’s an incredible opportunity for people to come together to learn from an expert in the field,” said Shanks.

“This is an incredibly unique opportunity for Bradley to help us create an environment that is welcoming, engaging and inspiring.”

The Bradley Center for the Performing Arts, which is located at the center of the campus, will be one of the new spaces, which opened in March 2018.

“For Bradley, the new Bradley Center will be a wonderful place to connect with students and the community, while providing a space for faculty and staff to collaborate,” Pachics said.

A total of 10 new auditorial rooms have opened on the Bradley campus in recent years, including an auditoria, an auditorios and a conference room.

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