Which universities have the highest quality students?

The Associated Press is reporting that colleges and universities have higher student test scores than their counterparts in other industrialized countries, but that the quality of the students’ test scores can vary greatly.

The AP says that in 2013, the University of Pennsylvania, a historically white institution, had the fourth highest average ACT score among universities in the United States.

The University of Chicago also had a very high average, while the University at Buffalo had the third-highest.

It says the higher scores were not because of better education.

They were due to “differences in student attitudes and expectations,” the AP reports.

It adds that there is some evidence that higher SAT scores can be a factor in higher test scores.

In the United Kingdom, there are higher SATs but lower ACT scores, and higher test score differences can also explain the high scores.

In the United Arab Emirates, where the SAT is administered in English and is often taken at a higher rate than in other Arab countries, students score significantly lower than in the U.S. in many areas.

In addition, the UAW says there is a “high rate of students who are in poor physical and mental health.”

There are no data to show that test scores correlate with higher earnings.

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