FourFour Two: A conversation with the author of ‘The Last Day of Summer’

4Four Two is a podcast produced by FiveThirtyEight that focuses on college sports, with an emphasis on the college football world.

In this episode, four former college football players discuss their time with the program.


Mike Mayock (@MikeMayock) September 1, 2018 Mike Mayocks tenure as an NFL football analyst, his time as a reporter for, and his early coaching career as a defensive back at Michigan State are the topics of this podcast.

He also covered the Michigan Wolverines football team from 1996-2002.


Tim Kurkjian (@TimKurkjian) September 3, 2018 Tim Kurkjian is the author and producer of the popular podcast, The Undercover Football Writer.

He’s also a former NFL defensive back and NFL player who was selected in the third round (No. 92 overall) by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1998 NFL Draft.


Kevin Arnovitz (@KevinArnovitz) September 4, 2018 Kevin Arnove is the co-host of the “Sports & Grades” podcast.

In 2017, he also co-authored the best-selling book, Undercover: A College Football Writer’s Guide.


Matt Harmon (@MattHarmon) September 6, 2018 Matt Harmon is a former player for the Washington Redskins and was a member of the 2003 National Football League’s New Orleans Saints.

He has also written extensively for publications including ESPN, USA Today, and the Los Angeles Times.


Mike Reiss (@mikereiss) September 7, 2018 One of the biggest surprises for me as a college football fan was seeing my favorite team, Washington, play in a playoff game.

I remember playing a game at the old Naval Air Station in Annapolis, Maryland, in the summer of 2010, when I was a sophomore at the University of Maryland.

I had already been a Washington fan for years, and that game changed my life.


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Fives first podcast with his partner, Tom Ferenci, and former Washington Redskins player Mike Maylocks, as well as other former Washington players, includes the following: 1.

Tom Frenci (@TomFerenci) September 5, 2018 Tom Franci, former Redskins linebacker and current ESPN analyst, joins FiveThirtyTwo’s Mike Maylock for a special edition of the podcast.

Topics include the Redskins’ playoff run, the latest news in football, the NFL draft, and how to choose the best college football team.


Will the Seahawks win Super Bowl LI?

Will the Broncos win Super Sunday?

What will the Seahawks’ and Broncos’ players say?

The team is still undefeated, but will the playoff-bound Seahawks win?


Will you be surprised to learn that there are no black players in the NFL?

Tom Ferencsy, the former Washington defensive tackle, joins Mike May locks for a look at how black players are perceived in the league and how they’re making it. 5:15.

Will college football’s biggest rivalry finally end?

The teams have met seven times in the last 10 years, with the last meeting coming in 2008.

Is it the end of the rivalry?


What do you do when you are a player who is injured and a player that is not injured?

Mike May, former Washington linebacker and ESPN analyst joins FiveThirteen’s Matt Miller and former NFL player Mike Shanahan for a discussion of injuries in football.

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