Vanderbilt University to award $2 million prize to first female grad student

Vanderbilt University has announced it will award $1 million to the first female graduate student from its College of Science and Technology in North Carolina, according to the university.

Awardee Shannon Jones will be the first woman to receive a $1.3 million grant, according the university’s announcement.

The $1,000 grant is the largest ever for a university award in North America, according a statement from the university on Friday.

“We are very excited about this milestone in our history and look forward to sharing the next milestone with Shannon,” said Vandy Vice Chancellor of Administration and Financial Aid Brian G. Schiller in a statement.

“Her success will inspire other young women to pursue their dream of studying and work in the field of science and technology.”

The award is the first major prize of its kind at Vandy, which has about 10,000 students.

Schiller said Jones has been an outstanding graduate student and will continue to lead the school on the forefront of research in technology.

Jones earned her doctorate in engineering at Vanderbilt in 2013, graduating with a bachelor of science degree in electrical and computer engineering.

Her dissertation was a study of the human brain.

She spent her final year in residence at Vanderbilt before starting her career as a technology analyst at a healthcare software company.

Vanderbilt has an enrollment of about 12,000 undergraduate and graduate students and about 6,000 graduate students.

The school has about 300 undergraduate faculty members and 1,000 research scientists.

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