How to use social media to support the fight against white supremacy

Students and professors across the nation have launched an online fundraising campaign in an effort to end white supremacy at the school of the University of Central Florida.

The online fundraising drive, “Support White Students at the University Of Central Florida,” began on Thursday and has been signed by more than 700 faculty members and staff.

In a statement, the school said: “We are deeply concerned about the ongoing rise of white supremacy and anti-Blackness on college campuses across the country.

As the school’s student body, we are proud of our long history of supporting and supporting students and faculty in a range of fields including LGBTQ studies, Black Studies, Africana studies, and the arts.

We stand in solidarity with students and students of color, who have endured countless injustices over the years.”

It said the campaign “is not just about giving back to the university and to students.

It’s about raising the voices of marginalized people of color and other people of faith, and challenging the system that oppresses them.”

The school added that the campaign is being coordinated with a variety of other organizations and “will be the largest social media fundraising campaign of our kind in UF history.”

The effort was prompted by an online petition circulated by the White Student Union of Central Fla., which calls for the school to “re-examine its policy of white students in residence, and stop the systemic racism, sexism, and heterosexism that are a direct result of the institutional racism and sexism at the university.”UF has not responded to the petition, and it has been unclear if any faculty members or staff members are involved in the campaign.

The petition asks the school, “What is your commitment to support students of Color, women of color in the STEM fields, LGBTQIA+ people, people of Asian descent, people with disabilities, people who identify as transgender, people on the Native American Reservation, and others who are targeted by racism, xenophobia, and misogyny?”

It asks for $50,000 in pledges, with the university providing the remaining $20,000.

The university is in the midst of a federal investigation into allegations of systemic racial discrimination at its flagship school, which is located on the city’s east side.

In the wake of the allegations, the university has faced criticism for not doing enough to address racism on campus.

It has also been under fire for not holding a white nationalist rally on campus in 2017.

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