What we know about the U.S. election: The Trump campaign’s false claims

CNN political analyst David Frum says the Trump campaign “has made a series of false claims about the election results” and “is now making a series about who won” by using “the most extreme, unsubstantiated claims of the election.”

The president’s team, he says, has now “created the biggest national panic since World War II by saying that millions of fraudulent votes cast in the election by noncitizens are still being counted and that this has changed the results of the elections in a way that is unprecedented.”

But Frum adds that Trump is not the only candidate who has made false claims and is not unique in making such claims.

Trump, he notes, has been using the false claims to bolster his claim that his electoral college victory was an “electoral college victory.”

“This is not a Republican or Democratic election, but an electoral college election,” Frum said on CNN’s State of the Union.

“This was a Republican election, and it’s a presidential election.

So, this was a political fraud and an electoral fraud.”

Trump, he said, is “still making the claim” that millions were not counted in the November election.

“If he’s right, he’s absolutely right.”

Frum said that while there is no evidence that millions or even tens of millions of noncitizens cast ballots in the presidential election, he is concerned about Trump’s assertion that “millions of fraudulent ballots were cast.”

Frum noted that the Obama administration has admitted that the 2016 election was not a true vote count, and that “there was no vote counting.”

He said that “it would be a shame if people didn’t ask these questions.”

He added that there is “a serious question” about whether or not the 2016 electoral vote tally was “fair” because the electoral college results are not certified by the Department of Justice and are subject to “federal litigation.”

“If you are trying to figure out whether or no one voted, you can’t count all the votes,” Fruman said.

“If the president thinks he’s going to change the outcome of the vote count and somehow have it look like he won, then that is a serious concern.”

Frism said that he thinks Trump has been “trying to spin” this election “for his own benefit” and that he is “not the only one.”

“The Trump campaign is the most extreme candidate ever,” he said.

“They’ve been saying for weeks and weeks and months that millions voted illegally.

And they’ve been making this ridiculous claim that millions are still counting and they are the ones who won the election.”

And the people of Ohio have been saying this all week.”CNN’s Chris Cuomo contributed to this report.

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