US woman ‘beaten to death’ in Mexico after being deported

A woman in the US has been beaten to death after being illegally deported from Mexico to the US.

Amber Martinez, 25, was returned to the United States by the US government to her hometown of San Antonio on Saturday night after being denied entry into the country by her family and lawyers.

Martinez was on her way to visit her sister in the Mexican city of San Luis Potosi when she was detained by immigration officials.

Her family had appealed to her to stay and the immigration authorities refused.

The mother of two had been working as a waitress in the city of Cancun and was travelling to the Mexican capital with her boyfriend.

After a long delay, she was finally allowed to enter the country on Monday.

“I am very, very sorry for this.

This is not how I want to live my life,” she told NBC News.”

It’s hard for me.

I have a lot of anxiety.

I’m scared to get back to my home country because of this, especially when I’m still young and pregnant.”

Martinez’s mother said the family had been forced to abandon her in a small apartment in the small Mexican city where she was living with her mother and sister.

“She’s my only daughter.

I am very grateful to the government.

We will not leave her here anymore,” she said.”

The only thing that matters to me is my child.

I do not have the power to leave her.

I want her to have the best possible future, so we can take care of her.”

We have no other choice.

“Ms Martinez’s body was found a few hours later in the street of San Sebastian, which is located about 50km (30 miles) north of San Francisco, where her family is from.”

This is the worst thing that can happen,” she added.

Ms Martinez, who is from San Antonio, was one of at least three people killed in Mexico in 2017.

Her mother, Maria Carmen Rodriguez, said her daughter had been deported in 2015 after her mother was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.”

When we went to the airport, she asked us where she could be deported to, but they told us that she could not,” she explained.”

So she said, ‘I can’t go back to the country where I’m being persecuted because I am pregnant.’

“The family also said she was raped in San Luis, where she had been living for a year.

The Mexican government says it will “not tolerate the crime” of illegal immigration.

But many Mexicans believe the US immigration authorities are deliberately keeping their citizens from leaving the country, and that they are “losing control” of their country.

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