How to Save Your Retirement: How to Build Wealth in Retirement

By David Schoenmiller The most recent installment in a series of articles examining the latest financial advice from prominent financial professionals.

Illinois State University (ISU) has a new, more sophisticated online calculator for students and alumni, which is designed to help them get a better understanding of how their retirement savings plan will perform in the years ahead.

The new calculator is the result of a partnership between ISU and its academic partners, the University of Michigan-Flint College of Engineering and the University at Buffalo.

While the new calculator includes a variety of data points, the focus of the new program is to provide a more nuanced understanding of what ISU expects the investment returns to be over the course of a person’s retirement.

Here’s a look at what the new ISU calculator will do.

What is the new investment calculator?

The ISU investment calculator was designed to assist investors with investing in retirement plans, which include 401(k)s and IRAs.

ISU is the first university in the nation to offer this tool to its alumni and students.

Why is this calculator different from previous calculators?

In the past, ISU calculators had relied heavily on data from its university-affiliated financial planning department, which produced a lot of misleading data.

This new calculator uses data from the same university-owned financial planning unit as the previous calculator, which has been the subject of recent criticism.

It will help ISU alumni and student participants better understand the financial risks that may arise when they invest in a retirement plan.

How much does the new retirement calculator cost?

Each month, the new and improved ISU retirement calculator will cost $10.50, according to the university.

If you’re an ISU student, you can sign up for the new financial plan for $29.50.

In addition to the cost, students will receive monthly financial assessments that provide them with a more in-depth view of their investment options and the risks associated with them.

Is there an age requirement for the calculator?

The new retirement plan is available to students and ISU employees age 65 and older.

For employees, the calculator is available for all employees, but the maximum age range is 60 to 69.

When is the retirement calculator available to the public?

The ISUS retirement calculator is now available to anyone who wants to sign up.

It will be made available on January 15, 2020, the last day to sign-up for the plan.

It is also available on the university’s website and through an ISUS mobile app.

Who can sign-on for the ISUS online retirement calculator?

Anyone with an ISUs student card is able to sign in to the calculator.

Anyone who wants more information about the calculator, or has questions about their retirement, can contact the ISU Retirement Department at (708) 431-1130 or visit the ISSU Retirement website.

Will the new online retirement plan be available in all areas of the university?

The savings calculator will be available only in the academic community. 

Is there any difference between the current ISU financial plan and the new plan?


All ISUs retirement plan offerings include a retirement assessment that provides a more thorough understanding of the risks that could arise in the event of an investment.

An ISUs investment calculator will help individuals and their families better understand how their investments will perform over the long term. 

What are the fees associated with the new, updated ISU online retirement calculators retirement plan?

In order to participate in the new savings plan, you’ll need to pay a $10 fee to use the new product.

Additionally, ISUs students and employees will be able to pay the fee on the ISUs website.

What is an annual fee?

The annual fee for the online retirement savings calculator is $99, and ISUs employees will pay an additional $39 annually.

Is there a minimum investment size?

There is no minimum investment requirement for any retirement plan offering.

Is there an income limit?

The minimum investment amount for the retirement plan will be $25,000 for ISU students and $50,000 per year for employees. 

Can I use the ISUC retirement calculator to plan for retirement?

Yes, you may use the online ISUC savings calculator to prepare an investment plan.

You can plan for the savings that you want, and the plan you want to put in place.

What does the ISUM fund mean?

ISUM stands for Individual Retirement Accounts.

To get an idea of what the ISum fund is all about, check out our guide to IRA investments.

Is it possible to transfer my IRA into an ISUM plan?


Individuals and their family members are required to maintain an IRA in order to benefit from the ISums investment returns.

The ISUM funds are designed to be managed by ISU

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