How to find out if you have Type 2 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases

The disease, also known as autoimmunity, is caused by a type of immune cells called T cells that are usually produced by the pancreas.

Some of these cells, called CD4+ T cells, are known to cause type 2 diabetes.

The more prevalent the type 2, the more insulin resistance, or high blood sugar, the disease can develop.

Type 2s are thought to be caused by the same immune cells that produce the type 1s.

If you’re already affected by diabetes and are worried about your immune system, your doctor might recommend testing.

The disease is a type 2 autoimmune disorder that affects about 3 percent of the population.

It’s rare, but it can be deadly.

To find out what type of autoimmune disease you have, your physician might test your blood and saliva for antibodies that may be related to type 2.

The tests are often administered during regular checkups or during surgery to check for an infection.

If there are no problems, your blood sugar level will be checked at least once a month, but your doctor may also give you an oral test to check your blood sugars for diabetes.

If your blood glucose level is low, your chances of developing type 2s increase.

It is estimated that about 3.5 million Americans have type 2 disease.

Symptoms of type 2 include: high blood pressure

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