Microsoft unveils ‘Capsule’ system that can connect the whole campus to a single data center

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Microsoft Corp. is set to announce a new cloud-based computing solution, Capstone, which it says will bring together its popular Office and Azure cloud computing services to create a single, unified data center, which will allow for easier and faster computing.

Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Satya Nadella is slated to address a panel on “How to build a new computing ecosystem” Wednesday at the annual Global Data Center Summit, a gathering of CEOs and industry leaders focused on cloud computing.

Capstone, a new system that Microsoft says can connect its Office and cloud services to a one-stop computing center, will allow users to access their data from anywhere, and the service will be available “soon,” the company said.

Capestone will provide a unified platform that supports the full range of computing needs, from data analytics and analytics services to cloud computing and security, Microsoft said.

Microsoft said it will release details about Capstone at a later date.

Capstone will be powered by the Azure cloud, Microsoft’s cloud-as-a-service provider.

Microsoft will also be releasing Capstone as a cloud service for enterprise users, Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Joaquim Almeida said at the conference.

The company’s Office and Microsoft Azure cloud-computing platforms are used to manage its data center operations, which can handle massive amounts of data, including information such as academic research papers and presentations.

The data centers have a number of distinct functions, including running Microsoft Office and building out Microsoft Azure applications for corporate customers, as well as serving as the backbone of Microsoft’s commercial cloud service, Azure.

Microsoft is currently in the process of buying a majority stake in Rackspace, a small but fast-growing software provider that provides software-as a service for cloud computing applications.

Microsoft is also making some of its own cloud computing products, such as Azure Infrastructure as a Service, which allows users to build their own servers and data centers.

Microsoft also said it plans to launch a new Windows 8.1 cloud software platform called Office 365, and is working on a new set of cloud services that will enable it to manage the vast amounts of information stored on its cloud, including personal information, such to make sure it doesn’t become the target of any data breaches.

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