What to do if you’re a student, faculty or staff member at Strayer University

By Alex Lantier on June 13, 2018 09:57:30Strayer University, a private university located in Perth, Western Australia, is offering students a chance to cash in on the crypto-currencies boom by trading them on their university.

With over 500,000 students enrolled at the university, the Strayer token (STR) is being used as a cryptocurrency by students and faculty alike.

Stratemaster, the student-run token, was designed by the university’s student advisors and has been accepted into a number of cryptocurrency exchanges to allow students to trade the tokens in their official capacity.

It’s not the first time students have used the tokens to buy and sell.

The university previously announced it would be using tokens to reward students who participated in the Strays ‘cryptocurrency seminar’ last month, as well as to provide financial aid to students on a reduced rate.

At the time of writing, the university has not responded to the news of the cryptocurrency craze.

While students can trade the STR at Stratemaster’s official website, they are limited to using the token for their own personal use.

This means that, as of now, students cannot use the token to pay for anything, nor transfer it into any wallet.

The Strayer tokens are being sold on a per-student basis, but with Stratemasters token, students can also pay for their tuition, books or fees.

In a statement on its website, Stratemarter said:Students and faculty can trade STR tokens on Stratemasser.com and access their tokens for free in Stratemaser.

If students or faculty use the STR token for any purpose, they will have access to their tokens immediately and no charge will be made to the student or faculty account.

Statemaster tokens can be exchanged at Stratestore, the online cryptocurrency exchange, with the token being sold for ETH.

The tokens are now trading at a profit, but Stratemater’s team says it will work to bring the tokens back into circulation to ensure the value of the tokens remain stable.

According to Stratematter’s CEO Andrew Hargreaves, Strayer’s token has seen a “significant” increase in value in the past 24 hours.

“It is now trading for around $2.50 on the Stratestorer exchange.

This is a huge increase, as it was previously trading for $10.00,” he told CryptoCurrency.”

While we are confident that this token will see a significant rise in value over the coming weeks, we have already seen an increase in tokens being traded on Stratestorsts platform and we are looking forward to the future.”

Strateman’s token, which is listed on the exchange, was also used by students to buy their textbooks and other essentials at a discounted rate.

It is unclear at this stage how many students are using the tokens, but the university says that it has over 3,000 student enrolled on its Strayer platform.

Strayer also has the distinction of being one of the first universities to accept cryptocurrency for tuition.

The school is currently offering students the option of trading STR for ETH, which means that students are essentially trading for the tokens at a discount.

The university says its token is “the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world”, and has the potential to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“We believe in Strayers mission to provide a place where students and staff can connect with others who share their interests, passions and ambitions, to build a better world.

This token will be used to fund all the core operations at Strayers educational campus, while providing support for our student advisors, faculty and staff in the future,” Stratemathers said.

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