What is the best university in the UK?

2:02:00The UK’s top universities are all in the top ten.

What does that mean for the average student?

Here’s what the best universities in the country look like and how they compare.1.

Cambridge University: UK’s largest, with an average student body of 12,000.

Cambridge’s average salary is $54,000, which is one of the highest in the world.2.

Oxford University: A second-tier university with an enrollment of 4,000 students.

The university pays an average of $55,000 annually, and students earn an average salary of $57,000 in 2017.3.

Cambridge Business School: A third-tier institution with an undergraduate enrollment of 5,000-6,000 people.

Its average annual salary is just under $60,000 for a first-year undergraduate, which puts it in the $62,000 range.4.

University of London: A fourth-tier British university with a student body that hovers around 5,600.

The school’s average annual income is $68,000 ($70,000 with the tuition) and its graduates are on average earning $57.2 million ($61,000) a year.5.

London School of Economics: A fifth-tier UK university with 5,500-6.2,000 undergraduates.

Its median salary is between $55K and $60K annually, with its graduates earning between $54K and 75K.6.

King’s College London: The largest university in England, with a total undergraduate population of 12.4 million.

The average salary at the university is $70K per year, with graduates earning around $63K per annum.7.

University College London, University of Oxford: A sixth-tier, top-tier school with an alumni base of 8.3 million.

Its alumni make an average annual pay of $75K per years, and their average salaries are around $70,400.8.

University in London, London School Of Economics: The most expensive UK university.

The student population at the school is around 11.3m, and its median annual salary at this level is over $60M per year.9.

Imperial College London-Cambridge: The second-largest, second-highest university in London with an estimated student body just over 15 million.

It pays an annual salary of £57,200 ($65,000), and its alumni make around $65,700 annually.10.

University Loughborough, LSE: The third-largest UK university in a world capital with an 8.4m student population.

Its students make an annual wage of £62,800 ($75,200) and their median salary at its top tier is $62M ($70M).11.

University Of York: The fourth-largest university in Britain with a 2.5 million student population, with the average salary being around $68K ($70K with the fee).12.

University London: London’s third-ranked university, with around 2.2m undergraduates, with annual pay in the region of $80,000($83,000 without tuition)13.

University Manchester: The fifth-largest city in England with over 10.5m students.

Its student population is around 7.5-8.5million.

Its annual salary, around $75,000(with tuition), is slightly above the median annual pay at its largest university.14.

University Southampton: The sixth-largest in England and a city-state, with 1.9m students and a yearly salary of just under £80,00($84,000).15.

University Cambridge: The seventh-largest and second-most populous university in Great Britain.

Its undergraduates earn a median annual wage just under €75,00 ($86,000 and up).16.

University Leiden: The eighth-largest academic institution in the Netherlands with a 10.1 million student body.

Its faculty is roughly 9,000 researchers.17.

University Birmingham: The ninth-largest institution in England.

Its undergraduate student population ranges from 8,000 to 9,200.

Its yearly salary is around $90,000 a year.(with tuition).18.

University Liverpool: The tenth-largest research institution in Europe, with more than 8,600 researchers.

Its salary is in the vicinity of €100,000 per year (with tuition)19.

University Plymouth: The eleventh-largest University in the United Kingdom with a 3.5 m population and a median salary of around £80K.20.

University Lincoln: The twelfth-largest campus in England at a total of more than 6.2million students.21.

University Oxford: The thirteenth-largest of the UK’s major universities, with 6.1m students enrolled.

Its tuition is around £40,000 (£50,000 plus fees) annually.22.

University Bristol: The fourteenth-biggest university

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