How to fix your university’s social engineering bot issue

The university’s bot, which appears to be programmed to send unwanted emails to students’ social media accounts, is currently on a rampage.

The university claims it’s been hacked by a third party, but has yet to specify which party.

The university claims the bot, created in early May, sent out a message to the Twitter account of a student on the same campus and asked the student to tweet a photo of herself with a “special offer” from the university.

It also asked the students to tweet about the university and provide a photo with the offer.

The bot was supposed to take care of the latter.

However, the message from the student’s Twitter account, sent to the account of another student, said: “There are no offers available at this time.

We will send you an email when we have more details.”

However, as the university was not receiving any response, the university’s IT team realised the message was being sent by a “third party,” and launched a security scan to verify it was indeed the university bot.

The message was sent by the university BotSecurity team.

The University of Cambridge, a prestigious university in the United Kingdom, also had a bot on the school’s Twitter page, but the university did not send a message on the university-bot account.

However, the University of Manchester also had the same bot, with an offer for a £10,000 scholarship to the winners of a photo contest.

The UK’s largest universities and colleges have been at the centre of social engineering attacks since the start of the year, which have been linked to the ransomware known as WannaCry.

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